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Marriage Certificates and Name Changes more information

Posted by anonymous on August 28, 2012 at 1:05 PM

I have been fielding a number of emails lately regarding Marriage Certificates and Change of Name. As previously mentioned in my “Getting Married in Manitoba” blog entry, once the ceremony has been completed and I have mailed in the signed marriage license, you may apply for a Marriage Certificate and take the steps necessary to change your name.  As a Marriage Commissioner, it is my responsibility to ensure that I file all of the paperwork in a timely fashion.  In fact,it is stipulated that I must do so within 48 hours of your ceremony!  Unfortunately, I cannot give you a copy of any of the documentation.  When you purchase your licence from a registered vendor, you are given a form to fill out and submit once the ceremony has been completed and the paperwork filed. If you misplace the form, you can easily access the information on line  There is a fee attached to the certificate.  I am not allowed to apply on your behalf.

If either of you are changing your surname, you would do so once you have received the Marriage Certificate UNfortunately, you will be waiting a few months for your marriage to be registered, and then another number of weeks for Vital Stats to process your certificate..  (You can call yourself Mr. and/or Mrs. NewName as soon as you want…but in order for your new name to be legally recognized on documents, you must contact the various agencies yourself.) This information is provided by Vital Statistics

I hope this information helps you to navigate the process a little more smoothly.


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