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Wedding Officiant Agreement

Terms and Conditions


                                             Wedding Ceremony Agreement

The Wedding Officiants warrant that they are licensed Marriage Commissioners, appointed by the Province of Manitoba, fully qualified to officiate at weddings in Manitoba.

The Officiant will provide the services outlined in the chosen package for the fees specified on at the time of booking. Full payment is due at the rehearsal or if no rehearsal, 24 hours prior to the service.


Officiant hereby agrees to provide Marriage Officiant Services for Clients named above on the specified date(s), time(s) and location(s) specified in this Contract. Officiant Services may include:

  1. Wedding interview (virtual)
  2. Consultation Services
  3. Provision of planning tools and information
  4. Rehearsal
  5. Ceremony script
  6. Officiant Services
  7. Registration of the marriage with Vital Statistics
  8. Additional communication via email and phone (as needed)

Wedding Officiants of Marry Me, Hunnie agree to the following terms:

Ceremony Planning: Signature Packages only

The Officiant will work with the couple by e-mail, virtual meeting, or in person (not available during COVID safety protocols) for up to two hours to allow them to prepare or chose their custom service. The draft arising from this meeting will be completed by the Officiant within seven (7) days of the meeting. The draft is NOT the final ceremony and should not be considered as such.  All edits and revisions will be conducted online. All ceremonies must be finalized by the date assigned to the couple.  

Ceremony Choice:  "Short and Sweet" Standard Ceremony

The Officiant will provide four standard ceremonies from which you may choose. The standard ceremony may not be customized or edited, though the couple are welcome to bring personal vows to share. Should the couple wish to create a custom ceremony, or personalize a standard ceremony, they must upgrade to a Signature Ceremony package.

NOTE  You can always upgrade a package; however, once you have received confirmation of your ceremony package, you cannot "downgrade" to a different package. 


In the event that the couple wishes to schedule a rehearsal with the Officiant, an additional fee will apply. Rehearsals must be held during the week prior to the wedding date, unless an alternate, mutually convenient date can be arranged.   Dates are limited.

Travel fees will apply for rehearsals held beyond the Perimeter. Out of town weddings may not be eligible for on site rehearsals, depending on the time and distance.

The  Officiant will run your rehearsal, suggest processional options, review roles and responsibilities of wedding party members, review the ceremony, and practice the entrance and exit. Rehearsals are 45-60 minutes in duration and require the attendance of all pertinent members of the wedding party and family. 

Note:  Rehearsals need not be held at the wedding venue.  


On the Wedding Day: Signature Packages and Standard (Short and Sweet) Ceremony

The Wedding Officiant:

a) shall make every effort to arrive at the wedding location 15-30 minutes prior to the time of the scheduled service. The Officiant shall not be held liable for unavoidable delays which are out of their control such as mechanical breakdowns, or unexpected traffic delays, etc.

b) will perform the ceremony within ten minutes of the agreed upon start time.

c) is prepared to dress in the manner that suits the style of your wedding. 

Formal weddings: black, navy, or grey dress or suit; 

Informal weddings: dress or suit (not limited to black).  Business style.  

Theme weddings: appropriate dress suitable to theme at the discretion of the Officiant.  Costs for costuming are to be assumed by the couple unless the Officiant has the costume in stock.

* Accessories during the COVID-19 pandemic will include masks, at the discretion of the Officiant.

*For Simple Signings (documentation, only), the Officiant will arrive 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment.


 In the event that the Officiant is unable to perform the couple's wedding ceremony due to illness, hospitalization, accident, transportation breakdown or other unforeseeable causes, the Officiant will make every possible attempt to notify the couple and arrange for a substitute. In such an event that no substitute is available, all monies owed by the couple, in excess of the retainer, will be forgiven and the couple hereby agrees that the officiant will NOT be held liable for any damages (including punitive) due to the non-performance of the ceremony. Retainers will not be refunded.


 The Officiant gives permission to the couple to use their likeness in any photographs, videos or other recording media. Should photographs or videos be published in magazines or online, please provide proper credit to both the Officiant (eg. Sheryl Hunnie of Marry Me, Hunnie) and to your photographer. Likewise, the couple gives permission to Sheryl Hunnie and Marry Me, Hunnie to use their likenesses in any photographs, videos or other media for marketing purposes. Clients waive any right to payment, royalties or any other consideration for the use of the images.


In consideration for these services, the couple agrees as follows:


It is the Client's sole responsibility to purchase a valid marriage licence at least 24 hours before the intended ceremony, from an authorized Marriage Licence issuer appointed by the Province of Manitoba.  The Clients are responsible to ensure the marriage licence is available to the Marriage Officiant upon arrival at the Ceremony site. Failure to have a valid marriage licence at the time of the Ceremony means that should the ceremony proceed, it will not be legal. In order to legalize the marriage a subsequent appointment will need to be arranged with the Clients and two witnesses. An additional fee of $175 will be levied, plus travel expenses. Officiant will complete and sign the marriage licence on the day of the Legal Ceremony and will return the completed marriage licence within three (3) business days to Manitoba Vital Statistics.


Clients will not automatically receive a certified copy of their marriage licence.  Clients are responsible for completing the form “Application for a Manitoba Marriage Document” which will be provided to you by the Marriage Licence issuer.  Certificates can also be ordered online.  The link for this form is

Note:  Officiant has no control over the time it takes Vital Statistic to process Marriage registrations. 



The couple agrees to pay the Officiant the ceremony performance fees outlined on the Rates and Services page  plus any additional services or travel expenses. Travel expenses are subject to change.  

Signature packages: A non-refundable retainer of $200 is to be paid upon acceptance of this Contract, at which point the Officiant will commence services and the date will be reserved for Clients.  NO dates will be held without a retainer. The full balance of any unpaid fees including ceremony fees, rehearsal fee (if applicable), and/or travel fees (if applicable), shall be received by Officiant at least 48 hours prior to the start of the Ceremony.

Short and Sweet or Simple Signing packages:  Payment in full is required at time of booking.

If Client fails to remit payment as specified, Officiant shall have the right to immediately terminate this Contract without further obligation to refund monies, including the aforementioned retainer, or to perform Services at the Ceremony.

Payments are accepted via e-transfer or cash.  Payments by cheque must be received seven (7) days prior to the ceremony.

Quoted price includes one date change. Additional date changes are subject to a $25 administration fee and are be subject to any rate increases. Retainers may be transferable to another date and time in the event the Client requests the change in writing thirty (30) days prior to the Ceremony date and an Officiant is available. If no Officiant is available at the new date and/or time, all fees paid in excess of the retainer will be refunded upon request from Client.

Retainers are non-refundable. 

The Officiant is committed to starting your ceremony within ten (10) minutes of the agreed upon time. 

Fees are based upon the amount of service time agreed upon. If the service or rehearsal go beyond the specified times due to late starts, late arrivals by the wedding party or honoured guests the couple agrees to pay the Officiant $25 for every quarter hour or portion thereof.  These additional fees are due and payable within 24 hours of the ceremony and prior to the mailing of the marriage license for registration. (SIgnature ceremonies shall not exceed 1 hour 15 minutes from officiant's arrival, Elopement ceremonies shall not exceed 30 minutes from the contracted time.) Weddings held in remote locations may incur additional fees.

The Officiant performs other ceremonies for other couples and excessive lateness or change of time can create a serious conflict in the Officiant's schedule.  If a late start results in a schedule conflict, the Officiant reserves the right to cancel the performance of the Ceremony and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner for such non-performance. The Officiant will leave a copy of the Ceremony at the ceremony site so that an honoured guest may conduct the symbolic ceremony.  The Officiant will return at a later time to the ceremony site or reception site to sign the documentation.  An additional fee of $100 (plus any travel-related expenses), payable on demand, will apply.

Travel Fees: 

Travel fees will apply to all weddings beyond the perimeter. Expenses are calculated from the officiant's residence to the venue (return). Travel fees will be finalized 48 hours prior to the ceremony, and until then, are estimated, only

3. Props and Accessories

The couple accepts responsibility for purchasing additional items needed to perform the ceremony (unity candles, sand, roses, hand fasting ribbons, wine and wine box, etc.).

4. Legalities

The couple hereby acknowledges that the Officiant must meet legal obligations as specified in The Marriage Act .  The final wording of the legal entities of the ceremony as determined by the province must be strictly adhered to. Note that both parties must be "of sound mind" at the time of signing the legal document. Consumption of alcohol prior to the signing is not recommended. Determination of sobriety is solely at the discretion of the Officiant.  Should the Officiant believe either party to be impaired, the Officiant reserves the right to defer the legal portions of the ceremony to the next mutually agreeable date and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner for such non-performance.   The retainer will not be refunded. An additional fee of $175 will apply.

5. Termination of this Contract 

Once the client has informed the officiant in writing (via email or other means) that their services are no longer required, this contract is considered terminated and no further obligations are required on the part of the Officiant or clients. Retainers will not be refunded.

a) If the termination occurs within seven (7) days of the wedding date, all monies owing are due, immediately.

b) If the termination occurs prior to seven (7) days before the wedding date, no monies in excess of the retainer are due. 

Any change of date, time, or venue must be requested in writing and will require the acceptance of a new contract. Fee increases may apply. 

In the event that the Officiant must terminate the contract, notice will be provided in writing, and every effort will be made to secure a replacement.   

6. Changes to this Agreement

This agreement is valid for the wedding service for the place, time, and date agreed upon when the terms and conditions are accepted. Any requests for changes to time, place or date must be made in writing and may be subject to additional fees. Package prices for the new date will apply. Discounts or coupons may not be carried over to the new date. If the couple changes the time or date of the scheduled ceremony without the Officiant's consent, the Officiant reserves the right to cancel the performance of the ceremony and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner for such non-performance.   The retainer will not be refunded.  This also applies if a change in venue or time impacts the officiant's ability to perform other previously booked ceremonies on the day, or if the change of date or time cannot be accommodated due to prior bookings.  A change in Officiant may be necessary to accommodate your request.

COVID-19 Change of Date requests: See below.



Please note that our COVID protocols supercede all other vendor protocols for the duration of the ceremony (ie. protocols during the ceremony are at the discretion of the Officiant, ) 

All RECOMMENDATIONS (not just the mandates) of Public Health must be followed. You and your guests may be required to provide proof of vaccination status or wear masks, at the officiant's discretion. 


*The number of people in attendance will NOT exceed those specified in the Provincial Health Orders. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Masks will be worn by all in attendance for the duration of the ceremony.

Documents will be completed outdoors, or at a public space as per provincial guidelines. The officiant will not perform a ceremony inside a private residence during code red restrictions, whether or not these are allowed under Public Health Orders at the time of the ceremony.


 The couple agrees to adhere to the following health and safety protocols:

a) At the wedding rehearsal:

ALL in attendance will wear masks at all times (*indoors) and by those in proximity to the officiant (outdoors).

 b) At the ceremony: 

*Outdoor ceremonies and indoor ceremonies (recognized venue, public space, or private residence): 

Physical distancing (2m) at the ceremony must be maintained between the couple and the officiant, and the wedding party and the officiant.  

Public Health recommends mask use if 2m distancing cannot be maintained outdoors.

*Indoor ceremonies (public or private) 

*Mask use is recommended when indoors if distancing can not be maintained. The couple being married may remain maskless for the duration of the ceremony if 2m distancing (from the officiant) can be maintained. All other members of the wedding party and guests must maintain 2m distance from the officiant.  If distancing cannot be maintained due to the size of the ceremony space, then masks are to be worn while the officiant is in attendance.

Mask use on private property is solely at the discretion of the Officiant upon consideration of the space, number and age of people present, and vaccination status.

Note that indoor ceremonies at private residences may not be possible.

Provinicial mandates for Vaccination Status must be adhered to.

The officiant may choose not to perform a ceremony inside a private residence during code orange or yellow restrictions, whether or not these are allowed under Public Health Orders at the time of the ceremony.

 *Ask your guests not to attend if they are symptomatic.

(*As per Manitoba Healthy and Safety Guidelines)

IF THE OFFICIANT NOTES THAT PROTOCOLS FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY ARE NOT BEING OBSERVED, and/or IF THEY FEEL THEIR HEALTH AND SAFETY ARE COMPROMISED, THE OFFICIANT MAY DECIDE AGAINST PERFORMING THE CEREMONY. A copy of the ceremony will be left for an honoured guest to perform. Paperwork will be signed using safe distance protocols (2m) before the officiant leaves. The couple hereby agrees that the officiant will NOT be held liable for any damages (including punitive) due to the non-performance of the ceremony. Payment in full is due.



Clicking the button on the Marry Me, Hunnie website acknowledges your acceptance of these terms.  You may also print, sign, and return this these forms to Sheryl Hunnie, Marry Me, Hunnie, 244 Yale Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3M 0L9

Thank you. I look forward to working with you.
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