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All of us have our own love stories. Some are short, others are long. Some are yet unwritten, while others are just getting to the good part.”

If you would like to personalize your ceremony and mention some of your love story, these topics will help you with ideas:


- Information on how you met: where was it; what year; what did you think of each other

- Information on your first date: where did you go; what year; what did you think of each other

- Information on falling in love: when did that happen; how did you know; when did you decide to be together forever;

- Information on proposal: how did it happen; year

- Information on what you love about each other: what qualities you admire in each other; what things do your fiancé/fiancée do for you that says “I love you”

- Information on what hobbies or activities you like to do together

-What are some of your hopes for the future as a couple?

-Have you had any challenges that you have had to face together? How did these strengthen your bond?

-Complete this sentence: “Our relationship is unique in that….”


a) Parents:

What are the names of your parents?

Will they be at the ceremony?

If they are separated/divorced; remarried or have partners?

b) Thanking Parents:

We can include a general thank you to them, or if you would like to include your own words of appreciation for your parents, what would you like me to say?

c) Are there any special customs or traditions from your family heritage you would like to include in your wedding ceremony?

d) Rings:

Will you be exchanging two rings?

Is there anything special about the rings (i.e. one belonged to a grandmother or they were custom designed just for you)

e) Memorials:

Would you like to include any special remembrances in your ceremony? Would you like names mentioned? Would you like to take a moment of silence?

f) Would you like to include others in the ceremony? I am happy to share the stage! Readers should be very comfortable speaking in public and should be able to read clearly and fluently.