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Rates and Services

I offer many services in addition to acting as your Marriage Commissioner.  I am happy to sign papers, officiate your ceremony, run your rehearsal (whether or not I am your officiant), collaborate with you to write a personalized ceremony, or act as a consultant on the ceremony you have tried to put together on your own. In addition to ceremony services, I am also an official marriage license vendor. Each of these services is outlined in detail, below.

I am happy to provide the following information regarding fees. Please note that the same fee schedule applies to Commitment Ceremonies (for couples living in common law relationships who do not wish to legally marry) and Vow Renewal Ceremonies.  Every wedding I preside over, whether it be for 15 people or 150 people gets the same attention to detail and commitment.  If you have any questions regarding fees and payment, please use the form on the "Contact Us" page.  Also, be sure to read My Commitment to You.

Due to the amount of construction in and around downtown Winnipeg, I will be taking advantage of valet or preferred parking (including parkade) wherever possible.  This cost (up to $20) will be added to the invoice. 
Travel expenses will apply to ceremonies and rehearsals held beyond city limits.  See below for details.

A) Custom Ceremony and Commission of Marriage 

(also Commitment Ceremony, Vow Renewal)..................$250*


My commitment to you on your wedding day is:

  • to arrive 15-30 minutes before your ceremony is to begin, 
  • begin the ceremony on time, 
  • conduct the ceremony in a  professional manner, 
  • and complete and file all paperwork. 

Please read "My Commitment to You" with respect to late starts and time overages.  

  • Also included is a  consultation meeting to create a personalized Order of Service, choose Vows, Readings, and Unity Symbol (opt.). In-person meetings (up to ONE HOUR) are scheduled  on a first-come-first-served basis and dates are limited. Ceremonies may also be created over a reasonable number of emails in lieu of a face-to-face meeting.  
  • The draft copy arising from this planning session is included in the fee. I have a three pass back policy for editing the draft. In the case that additional (excessive) editing/meeting time and/or additional meetings are required, additional costs will apply at my discretion. 
  • I will provide a keepsake copy of your service on the day of your wedding 
  •  Commemorative Certificate  This certificate has no legal standing, but serves as a reminder of your day, suitable for scrapbooking or framing.  As well, if you have children who are not legally eligible to sign the official documents, they can sign this one! There is NO CHARGE for this certificate if you are choosing any of the Custom Ceremony packages.

Legality Ceremonies and Elopements

B)   DOCUMENTATION ONLY /LEGAL WITNESS............................................$150*

This rate applies to couples who wish to be legally married in Manitoba before heading to a destination wedding, or wish to "make it legal" with NO CEREMONY attached to the document completion.

This is also an option if you wish to have a friend officiate for you, without having them apply for legal standing.  I am happy to witness your ceremony and complete the documentation. 

C)  LEGALITY PLUS. (Short and Sweet!)........................................................$175*

Choose a standard ceremony with either a traditional or contemporary theme. The ceremony length is  5-7 minutes.  This option is often the choice of couples who are completing documentation before heading south for a beachside ceremony, but wish to include family (especially grandparents) who may not be travelling. 

Note: The standard ceremony may not be customized. Should you wish to create a custom  ceremony, or personalize this one, please see Option 1, above.

Most services are now available in French with our newest Marriage Commissioner, Rebecca!

Other Services:

Marriage Licenses for Sale....................................................................$100

We offer flexible hours  (open until 10pm) and will also provide mobile services for a nominal fee.  As Marry Me Hunnie  is not a storefront business, I, or one of my associates, will meet you in a convenient, public location (a coffee shop, usually).


I am willing to run your rehearsal whether or not you hire me as your marriage commissioner. If you are being married by a friend who has no idea how to organize your people during the actual ceremony, consider having me run your rehearsal, coach your "day of" officiant and then simply drive off into the sunset.

If you require a rehearsal, I will do my best to accommodate you. Rehearsals are recommended if you have not been to many weddings yourself, or if members of your wedding party are inexperienced. If you have more than 2 attendants each, rehearsals are strongly suggested.  Some venues insist you have a rehearsal, be sure to check at the time of booking. 

I will run your rehearsal, suggest processional options, review roles and responsibilities of wedding party members, review the ceremony, and practice the entrance and exit. Rehearsals are 45-60 minutes in duration and require the attendance of all pertinent players.  Be sure to have your music available! Dates are limited.

Note:  Rehearsals need not be held at the wedding venue. Out-of-town rehearsals may not be possible. Travel fees will apply.

Ceremony Consultation Service....................................................prices will vary

You have spent hours on Pinterest putting together your ceremony but aren't sure if it is the best it can be.  Does it meet the legal requirements necessary in Manitoba? Is the sequence appropriate?  Is there something you've missed?  Does it flow well? Need help with personal vows?

I would be happy to read your draft ceremony over and provide expert advice as to how you can improve it.  Prices will vary, but expect $25-$75 (no meeting is included in this fee).

Personalized Wedding Ceremony Writing ......................................................$100

Should you have a family member or friend licensed to conduct your ceremony but would still like to have a unique, personal ceremony, I would be happy to help you create one. Included is a consultation meeting  to create a personalized Order of Service, choose Vows, Readings, and Unity Symbol (opt.). Ceremonies may also be created over a reasonable number of emails in lieu of a face-to-face meeting. 

The draft copy arising from this planning session is included in the fee. I have three pass back strategy for editing the draft. In the case that additional editing/meeting time and/or extra meetings are required, additional costs will apply at my discretion.

A testimonial:

We had a friend who was going to officiate our wedding so we set out to create our own wedding vows. We wanted our vows to be unique to us and wanted them to really capture our relationship. Far too complicated for an already stressed bride! Fortunately, we found "Marry Me, Hunnie". All of our contact with Sheryl was online as we had minimal time to meet with her in person. Sheryl was such a great find - prompt and very easy going! A breath of fresh air in the wedding industry. She loves what she's doing! After a few rough drafts we had our final wedding vows. Vows so good I tear up every time I read them. Everyone - family, friends and DJs- wanted to know who wrote our vows. We will be recommending her to all of our engaged friends in the future!

*All fees noted above apply to weddings held within city limits. 

Should you wish to be married beyond the Perimeter an additional rate to cover the cost of time and travel will apply. Expenses will vary, and are calculated at $1.00/km from my home to the venue.

*A premium rate of $50 will be added to bookings made on holidays (including New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, all statutory holidays, and dates during long weekends).

Deposit Information: 

Please note that a deposit of $150 is due immediately upon booking. This deposit  guarantees your date and my commitment to you. 


Until deposits are paid, all dates are considered "tentative" and are NOT guaranteed. 

I reserve the right to withdraw any agreement to act as your Commissioner if your deposit has not been made in a timely manner.

The balance of your account must be paid any time prior to your wedding day.  The rehearsal day is usually a convenient time at which to settle your account.

I am happy to accept cash, cheque, money order, or e-transfer payments. Cheques must be received 5 banking days before the ceremony date. 

 For more information, be sure to read "My Commitment to You".