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Signature Ceremony



We will work with you to create a custom ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. In a collaborative writing process we will help you to write or select the vows, readings, and other special touches that are right for you. With this ceremony package, the possibilities are endless!



  • 15-minute pre-booking consultation call, via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom,

  • 60-minute ceremony building session on Zoom,

  • Unlimited revisions to your ceremony,

  • Ongoing email communications,

  • A keepsake copy of your completed ceremony and a commemorative certificate.


Need a rehearsal? See the Signature Plus ceremony package in Special Offers.

Short & Sweet Ceremony


With this ceremony package, you may choose between five pre-written ceremony scripts, each under ten minutes in duration. These ceremonies are not customizable, but you are welcome to bring your own personal vows to share. 


An optional, complimentary 15-minute consultation call is included, via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom, before booking.

Simple Signing


A Simple Signing package provides you with just the essentials for becoming legally married in Manitoba. This is a popular choice for couples that need legalities covered before travelling to a destination wedding, and couples who just want to "be married" without a ceremony. 

This service is also applicable if you have chosen a non-certified officiant (such as a family member or friend) to perform your wedding. We can observe your ceremony and take care of the paperwork. 

Short & Sweet
Simple Signing

Symbolic Ceremonies

Vow Renewal


A vow renewal is a celebratory ceremony for an already-married couple to reaffirm their commitment to one another. These ceremonies are especially popular for couples celebrating milestone anniversaries. 


This package is the same as our Signature Ceremony package, with the exception of any legal paperwork.

Commitment Ceremony


Sometimes couples wish to celebrate their love in the company of friends and family  without becoming legally married. 


This package is the same as our Signature Ceremony package, with the exception of any legal paperwork.

Baby Welcoming Ceremony



In many cultures and traditions, the occasion of a baby's birth is marked by a welcoming ceremony. Sheryl is pleased to offer an alternative to a traditional christening or bris milah by working with you to create a meaningful ceremony that formally welcomes your new baby to your family, your community, and the world.


Baby Welcoming ceremonies can be for families who are non-religious -- or who are religious but are interested in including friends and relatives from multi-cultural backgrounds in an inclusive ceremony. Should a couple not belong to a faith community, a secular baby welcoming ceremony can be a way to celebrate the birth of a baby and to bring family and friends together. The community gathers in love and support to uphold the parents and the new baby in their new journey as a family.


A typical ceremony might have the parents explain the choices behind the baby's name and make promises to the baby about the way they hope to raise him or her. Parents may choose to appoint mentors, or to call upon the whole gathering to act as guides along the child's life path. Welcoming ceremonies need not be restricted to newborns.  A ceremony can be created that welcomes children joining a family through adoption or by blending families, as well.


Special Offers

Signature Plus Ceremony Package


It is common for couples that choose the Signature ceremony package to do a Rehearsal before the big day. Bundle a Signature ceremony package with a Rehearsal and save $50.00!​ 

Special Signature Ceremony

Fees will vary


Couples have asked us to tailor Signature ceremonies to reflect their shared affinities for the fictional universes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. If you are dreaming of a ceremony like this, let us know!

"Marry Now, Party Later"

Sometimes life gets in the way of your ideal wedding plans! You may wish to legally marry now and celebrate with a custom ceremony on a future date.  


Book a Simple Signing or Short & Sweet ceremony package and mention the coupon code PARTYLATER to receive a 20% discount on a future Signature ceremony package. 

*Ceremony packages may be subject to travel fees.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our services, or you would like to request a booking, please contact us.

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