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Frequently Asked Questions

With this list, we aim to answer the most common questions asked by couples getting married in Manitoba. If your question remains unanswered on our website, please contact us.

How do I get legally married in Manitoba?

The process can be most simply described as a 3 step process:

  1. Purchase a marriage licence from a registered vendor (like us!) and complete it with the issuer. A section at the bottom of the document will be left blank.

  2. Find a certified marriage commissioner to officiate your wedding. They will complete the bottom section of the licence with you, provide you with 2 legal statements to read out loud in front of at least 2 witnesses, and then pronounce you married. The marriage commissioner will mail the completed licence to Vital Statistics Manitoba.

  3. Once you are legally married, you can apply for a Manitoba Marriage Document through Vital Statistics, which is the physical certificate that serves as your proof of marriage. If you purchase a marriage licence from us at Marry Me, Hunnie, we will provide you with an application form for this document as a courtesy.* You may also apply online after your wedding. 

Vital Statistics requires that the licence issuer and officiant must be separate individuals. This is no problem for us; if you have chosen one of us from Marry Me, Hunnie to officiate your wedding, there will always be two more of us ready to sell you a marriage licence! 

*While we are happy to provide you with the form as a courtesy, the Manitoba Marriage Document is processed by Vital Statistics. If you have applied for a document and have questions about your application status, please contact Vital Statistics directly. 

What types of weddings do you do?

If you are legally able to be married in the province of Manitoba, we would be absolutely delighted to be part of your special day.


We are pleased to offer a wide range of services to suit a variety of needs. Some of our ceremony packages allow for more flexibility, but we will always strive to meet you where you're at. 


We make efforts to approach ceremonies with sensitivity. Our ceremonies are secular, but if it is very important to you to include religious elements, we may suggest that one of your family members or friends steps in to perform those parts. Likewise, rather than dissuading you from including specific cultural elements into your ceremony that may be inappropriate for us to facilitate, we will work to find ways for us to step aside and allow for those moments to happen on your terms.

Where can we get married?

We are able to perform weddings in the Province of Manitoba. You can be married anywhere that has a legal address or description. There are many beautiful venues in and around Winnipeg that would be perfect for your day. Hotels, private homes, and halls are typical locations, but consider others as well; we have performed ceremonies at such diverse sites as Fort Gibraltar, Pantages Theatre, the Western Aviation Museum, and the St. Norbert Cultural Centre. Sheryl even captained a ceremony on board the Nonsuch!

You may be looking for something casual to suit your ceremony. We have officiated many weddings in coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and other public spaces that require no formal arrangements.


We are happy to travel within a few hours of Winnipeg. During the summer months I would be pleased to perform your 'cottage country' wedding at Falcon Lake, West Hawk Lake, or other Eastern Manitoba locales. I am also willing to preside over ceremonies in NW Ontario, as long as the legal paperwork is completed in Manitoba.  

We can recommend locations for your wedding, but we do not take responsibility for making arrangements on your behalf. 

Do you have an office?

We do not have an office, so most of our communications are done by email, phone, Zoom or FaceTime. In-person meetings for marriage licences are done by appointment only.

What will you wear to our wedding?

As a default, we always assume that wedding guests will be dressing up. Sheryl will arrive to weddings in a simple black dress, and Travis will arrive in a simple black suit. If you would like us to be dressed more casually at your event, please let us know ahead of time! 

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